Pihlaja Twill bag

Fazer Pihlaja is one of the oldest selling products and one of Fazer´s most loved classic marmelades. Frosty sugar coted marmalade has always been wrapped in Fox and therefore the candy is also known as the Fox-candy. Now the most famous fox has jumped on to fanproducts which everyone can wear and enjoy.

Woven cotton case with long handles (66 cm) with wedge in the bottom of a heavy fabric. 100% organic and Fairtrade certified combed organic cotton. Fabric weight 210g / m2. On the side there are two small labels: one Fairtrade and one with the Neutral brand. 100% sustainably produced clothing made in accordance with the highest social, ethical and environmental certifications in the world: GOTS, Fairtrade, EU Flower, SA8000, Neutral® Responsibility ™ and Oeko-Tex. Handtags are made of leftovers from processed cotton.

Width: 38cm
Height: 42cm
Bottom: 7cm

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