Salmiakki Twill bag

The unique Super Salmiak has been a favourite of Finns for decades, and only seems to grow in popularity.
The design elements has become iconic and now even produced as fanproducts for the true fans.

Woven cotton case with long handles (66 cm) with wedge in the bottom of a heavy fabric. 100% organic and Fairtrade certified combed organic cotton. Fabric weight 210g / m2. On the side there are two small labels: one Fairtrade and one with the Neutral brand. 100% sustainably produced clothing made in accordance with the highest social, ethical and environmental certifications in the world: GOTS, Fairtrade, EU Flower, SA8000, Neutral® Responsibility ™ and Oeko-Tex. Handtags are made of leftovers from processed cotton.

Width: 38cm
Height: 42cm
Bottom: 7cm

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